Sunday, May 22, 2011

Microwave Banana Oatmeal Cake

A quick, easy on-the-go breakfast or snack! I posted the blueberry version a little while ago, but figured that some people may just want the recipe for a plainer oatmeal cake that they can customize to their tastes or whatever add-ins they have on hand!


1 ripe medium/large banana, mashed
1/3 cup dry (not cooked) oats
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
Dash of vanilla extract (optional)
Toppings, add-in's of your choice


Mash the banana in a bowl. Add in the remaining ingredients and stir to combine. Lightly spray a clean bowl or shallow dish with cooking spray and transfer the banana/oat mixture into the bowl, spreading it out evenly. 

Microwave for 2.5-4 minutes - it really depends on your microwave, so if it doesn't look "done" to you then zap it for an extra minute. If you're planning on taking this as a to-go meal then I would recommend microwaving it for 4-4.5 minutes because the longer you microwave it the less soft and mushy it will be, making it easier to transport and eat on the fly. 

After microwaving, allow the cake to rest for a couple of minutes, then eat straight from the bowl or gently slide or invert it onto a plate. You can top your oat cake with peanut butter (yum!), maple syrup or agave, jelly/jam, fruit, or just have it plain. 

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